Friday, March 5, 2010

Semporna Holiday Resort, Semporna.

If you wish to find more info about this place via google, honestly there are not many relevant info for reference.
We drove 1.5hrs to Semporna. This is the place we stopped by to take our lunch. Maybe due to CNY festive, there are some seafood which are not available for order. At the end, we ordered sweet and sour squids ( RM28/400g), steamed ikan putih (RM32/ 300g) and also butter prawn (RM 28/ 400g).
I saw a lot of starfishes in the water!

Semporna Holiday Resort,

Holiday Resort & Lodging House,

Seafood Restaurant , Kampung Tampi-Tampi, Semporna

Tel: 012-8103355

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Anonymous said...

where is this resort located actually? Is it near to semporna town? Which part of the semporna?